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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

When returning borrowed maternity clothes (to someone who is pregnant for the second time) throw in something new as a Thank You.

I loaned a pregnant friend some maternity clothes because you know how you get bored with the same clothes by the third trimester. When she returned them, because I was pregnant again, she included a new top because she had stained one of mine, which I didn’t notice, even when she pointed it out to me. That was a really nice gesture. When you haven’t seen your maternity clothes for a while, it’s nice to revisit them, but it was also nice to have something new. So when a friend who had loaned me a lot of maternity clothes got pregnant for the second time and needed her clothes back, I included something new for her, as well as some of my maternity clothes for her to borrow. It’s a nice way to pay it forward.

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